• Making History with New Jersey’s LGBT Curriculum Law

    Equal representation is a critical step in achieving equality for marginalized groups. In her op-ed, Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle defends her LGBT Curriculum Law:

    "Studies show that schools with inclusive curriculum have significantly less bullying around sexual orientation and gender identity and expression; this law will take a significant step forward in improving school climate for everyone. We are at a point in our nation’s history where divisiveness and hate feel commonplace. It is my hope that with this legislation we can change our culture and foster new generations of students that understand the importance of tolerance and equality."

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  • Standing Up for Port Authority Reform

    Every day, more than 300,000 New Jerseyans rely on the Port Authority to get to and from work. New Jersey commuters should have a real say in the decisions that impact their everyday lives. We must do more to improve the Authority’s accountability ... Creating an agency and forging a strong partnership, as this legislation does, will enable us to secure long-awaited funding. These lines are the most heavily used in the country, which is no small feat. With the authority to put all the moving parts into motion, I see the GDC being an effective means for action.”

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  • Finding New Ways to Combat NJ’s Opioid Crisis

    People suffering from drug addiction will only seek recovery when they are ready and unfortunately, many will not get that chance if they die of an overdose. We know all too well that the “war on drugs” did not curtail drug use. New Jersey must view drug addiction for what it is, a disease – those affected should not be punished. We need more resources, not penalties.

    Overdose prevention sites aren’t the only answer to combatting this crisis, but they can be part of a wider answer in combatting this epidemic.  In this moment, we are faced with a choice: either people suffering from drug addiction can continue to die in the shadows or we can implement new and innovative policies to give them a fighting chance. I choose the latter.  

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  • Combating Climate Change

    In 2007, I was proud to sponsor New Jersey’s “Global Warming Response Act”. Twelve years later, I believe that our state laws must continue to grow and adapt with science. I am proud that Governor Murphy recently signed my legislation (A4821) into law which updates the Global Warming Response Act of 2007, bringing it in line with our current understanding of climate change.

    “It is critical that our state laws adapt with science. Global warming and the science surrounding it is constantly evolving, we are always learning about new developments and discoveries ... Previously, New Jersey was not adequately factoring in the emission of these pollutants but under this new law, New Jersey’s response will be more strategic and conscientious.”

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  • Reproductive Freedom Act Aims to Protect and Expand Health Care Access in New Jersey

    Under the belief and conviction that every New Jerseyan should be able to make such choices freely and have access to the quality medical care they need to support their decision, we have introduced the Reproductive Freedom Act.

    As politicians in other states race to take reproductive rights out of reach of their constituents, we are working to ensure that all New Jerseyans have access to the care that they need, no matter what.

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  • Championing Long-Term Care Reform

    “Long-term care centers were woefully under-prepared and under-resourced to respond to a global pandemic. Many nursing and veterans homes in New Jersey have been cited for inadequate infection control policies, and few had consistent direct communication with hospitals and health departments before the pandemic. The system as a whole needs to be reformed." 

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