Budget Highlights FY2020

Dear Friend:

On Sunday, Governor Murphy approved the Legislature’s State Budget for FY2020. This year’s budget funds many of our shared priorities, including a record-breaking pension contribution and additional investments to NJ Transit.

Additionally, the budget signed by Governor Murphy appropriates funding to the state’s “rainy day” fund - a state supply intended to support state finances should we face another financial recession. This year’s budget appropriates $401 million to the reserves, the first allocation to the fund in over a decade. 

Governor Murphy and the Legislature were able to pass a budget that truly invests in our state and its citizens. Therefore, I was proud to vote for a balanced budget.

Below are some highlights from this year’s budget. 

 FY2020 Budget Highlights

  • $3.8 billion to Public-Worker Pensions
  • $75 million to New Jersey Transit
  • $10.4 million for Family Planning Services
  • $8.68 million to Non-Profit Security Grant Program
  • $3.3 million for Sexual Violence Prevention and Intervention Services
  • $3.1 million for Immigration-Status Related Legal Assistance
  • $1.64 million to the Developmental Disabilities Council
  • $1.31 million to Address the Opioid Crisis
  • $ 1 million to the Reed NEXT Autism Services Program
  • $1 million to Big Brothers and Big Sisters State Association
  • $263,000 for Transition Professionals Re-Entry Services
  • $200,000 for Adler Aphasia Center
  • $150,000 for Project S.A.R.A.H
  • $125,000 for Mental Health Awareness Training
  • $120,000 for Bergen Family Center

Best wishes for a safe and happy Independence Day! 


Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle