Editorial: Secret empire no more

Editorial The Daily News November 30, 2014

The Port Authority would get a much-needed dose of sunshine under a pair of reform bills that have passed the legislatures of New York and New Jersey.

Govs. Cuomo and Christie should sign both into law.

The first measure compels the Port to abide by the freedom of information laws of both states — and, where the two statutes conflict, to follow the path of maximum public exposure.

Now, the authority’s weak, self-imposed disclosure rules are unenforceable in court.

The second measure requires the Port to make yearly reports to both legislatures, boosts conflict-of-interest disclosure, strengthens whistle-blower protections and beefs up its inspector general.

Identical versions of the bills passed the Assembly and Senate of each state, in a total of eight roll-call votes. All eight times, the result was 612-0 — an overwhelming show of bipartisan, bicameral, bistate support.

All that remains is bi-gubernatorial signatures — in Cuomo’s case, before Dec. 31. Get it done.