Bill No. Description
A1078 Commences payment in lieu of taxes for tax exempt real property owned by Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
A1079 The "Smart Container Act."
A1080 Prohibits smoking at public parks and beaches.
A1081 Requires nursing homes to provide training to staff in behavioral health issues.
A1082 Allows credit against corporation business tax equal to 50 percent of fair market value of new computer equipment donated to public or nonpublic school.
A1083 "PANYNJ Transparency and Accountability Act."
A1084 Imposes time constraints on submission and analysis of rape kits.
A1085 Designates four State songs.
A1086 "State Authorities Reform Act."
A1087 Provides that toll revenue generated from PANYNJ bridges shall not exceed cost of maintenance, operation, and debt service of those bridges.
A1088 Expands the means to obtain a protective order for a minor.
A1089 Establishes the "Sexual Assault Victim's Bill of Rights."
A1090 Establishes the "Healthy Workplace Act."
A1091 Requires DOT to issue guidance on certain aspects of red light camera pilot program.
A1092 Requires hepatitis B to be considered a priority under "Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative."
A1093 Requires funds collected through societal benefits charge not allocated be credited to electric and gas public utility customers.
A1094 Prohibits right on red turns at intersections with red light cameras; requires certain additional signage if red light camera is in safe corridor.
A1095 Subjects Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to New York's Freedom of Information Law and New Jersey's Open Public Records Act.
A1096 Requires DHS to conduct follow-up study of former residents of North Princeton Developmental Center.
A1097 Establishes Developmental Disability Awareness license plates; dedicates fees to Special Needs Housing Trust Fund.
A1098 Requires follow-up studies of developmental center residents transitioning to the community.
A1099 Requires at least one State developmental center in each region of State; requires certain factors to be considered for transfer of residents between developmental centers.
A1100 Permits change in case manager for persons with developmental disabilities under certain circumstances.
A1101 "Let Them Be Little Act"; provides for screening newborn infants for Hunter syndrome.
A1102 Provides for licensure of dementia care homes by DOH.
A1103 Establishes Office of the Special Education Ombudsman in DOE.
A1104 Limits easement, acquired by the State or local government unit, for use of beachfront property to dune construction or beach replenishment except under certain circumstances.
A1105 Authorizes court to include in domestic violence restraining orders a provision making the order applicable to a pregnant victim's child upon birth of the child.
A1106 Prohibits distribution of images and information produced by red light cameras.
A1107 Requires public institutions of higher education to submit proposed tuition and fees for upcoming academic year to Secretary of Higher Education for review.
A1108 Allows refundable gross income tax credit for certain unreimbursed hearing aid expenses.
A1109 Provides protections for individuals with developmental disabilities through accountability and transparency; designated as "Stephen Komninos' Law."
A1110 Imposes moratorium on DHS transitions and transfers of residents of State developmental centers until certain conditions are met.
A1111 "Reproductive Donation Safety Act."
A2160 Increases State hotel and motel occupancy fee revenues required to be annually appropriated to fund certain arts and cultural, historical, and tourism-related programs and activities.
A2161 Concerns availability of services and administrative requirements of federally qualified health centers.
A2162 Exempts nursing mothers from jury duty.
A2163 Establishes the New Jersey Task Force on Domestic Violence and Abuse.
A2207 Expands definition and licensure requirements for health care service firms.
A2208 Clarifies juvenile's right to attorney representation; requires 12 month judicial review hearing when juvenile is placed out-of-home.
A2209 Provides for oversight of DHS contracts with providers serving persons with developmental disabilities.
A2264 "Pet Groomers Licensing Act;" designated as "Bijou's Law."
A2265 Authorizes public institution of higher education to establish in-municipality tuition rate for students who graduate from public high schools located in the same municipality as the institution.
A2266 Establishes Behavioral Health Insurance Claims Advocacy Program.
A2315 Provides for establishment and operation of casino at Meadowlands Complex.
A2640 Authorizes issuance of restraining orders for situtations in which domestic violence statutes do not apply.
A2645 Increases loss ratio reporting and disclosure requirements for carriers offering individual and group health insurance plans; applies loss ratio requirement to large group health insurance plans.
A2646 Requires that certain motor vehicle surcharge revenues be dedicated to the Special Needs Housing Trust Fund.
A2647 Establishes maximum payment to virtual charter schools and requires State to pay portion of costs for first five years.
A2648 The "New Jersey Gestational Carrier Agreement Act"; authorizes certain gestational carrier agreements.
A2649 Directs portion of Unclaimed Child Support Trust Fund be used to balance certain unpaid receivables of State agency responsible for disbursement of child support.
A2650 Excludes from State gross income tax certain payments made to the families of victims of school violence.
A2651 Concerns the delivery and oversight of coverage under certain health benefits plans; establishes Health Care Patient Ombudsperson in the Division of Consumer Affairs.
A2652 Establishes NJ Task Force on Coordination Among Nonprofit Social Service Organizations.
A2653 Amends "Law Against Discrimination" to provide every person engaged in raising a dog for guide or service the right to access public facilities.
A2654 Removes monk parakeet from list of potentially dangerous species.
A2655 Establishes Become A Nurse license plates and dedicates fees for nursing scholarships.
A2656 Establishes Medicaid demonstration project to cover room and board services for certain terminally ill patients in the home or other non-institutional setting.
A2657 Establishes the authority of the court to order electronic monitoring of certain convicted domestic violence offenders.
A2658 "Innovative Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act."
A2659 Revises procedure for issuance of amended birth certificate for person who has undergone change in sex.
A2677 Authorizes special "We Support the Arts" license plates with proceeds to the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.
A2678 Requires retail pharmacies to stock and dispense emergency contraception.
A2679 Allows gross income tax deduction for 50% of contributions of $100 or more to domestic violence shelters.
A2680 Requires forms and materials for individuals with developmental disabilities to be available in languages other than English.
A2681 Provides that children under care, custody or supervision of DYFS may not be home-schooled.
A2697 Prohibits certain elected public office holders from simultaneously holding more than one elective office
A2698 Prohibits person from serving as officer of more than two political campaign committees.
A2699 Establishes measures to deter steroid use among students
A2700 Requires medical examination and submission of student work portfolios for home-schooled children; provides that children under supervision of DYFS may not be home-schooled.
A2701 Requires an application fee to be paid to the DOE when applying to establish a charter school
A2717 Requires one-time application for requesting services for individuals with developmental disabilities from DCF and DHS
A2755 Requires funds collected through societal benefits charge not allocated be credited to electric and gas public utility customers.
A2872 Regulates physician profiling programs used by managed care networks.
A2873 Establishes procedures and standards regarding public services privatization contracts.
A2885 Requires retailers to post warning of lead poisoning from improper paint removal.
A3045 Revises statutes concerning permissible length of time between certain public questions in certain municipalities.
A3054 Establishes "School Bus Safety and Child Protection Act;" requires periodic criminal background checks for certain school employees; and prohibits interference with school bus monitoring devices.
A3055 Eliminates restriction on placement of special education students in sectarian schools.
A3066 Creates gallery space on State House grounds for display of certain art works.
A3082 Requires NJT to remove snow from certain stops, stations, and stands for motorbus regular route service and to make name and contact information of entities responsible for snow removal publicly available.
ACR61 Proposes constitutional amendment providing that State revenues derived from sports betting will be used first to fund residential placements for persons with developmental disabilities.
ACR62 Memorializes Congress to enact legislation to provide Medicare coverage for incontinence products.
ACR63 Urges municipalities to form "Access for All" committees to address needs of disabled.
ACR64 Urges Congress to amend the "Communication Decency Act of 1996."
ACR65 Commends nonprofit organizations and volunteers for providing transportation assistance to mobility-challenged individuals; urges State entities to support volunteer driving.
AJR34 Designates October 11 of each year as the "Day of the Girl" in New Jersey.
AJR48 Designates June as "New Jersey Arts, Culture, History, and Tourism Month."
AR57 Supports extension of Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line into Bergen County.
AR75 Memorializes United States Senate to ratify Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
AR83 Expresses support for family members' lawsuit concerning closure of North Jersey and Woodbridge Developmental Centers.
AR84 Urges institutions of higher education to offer a required undergraduate course on financial literacy.
AR87 Urges Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to implement frequency-based discounted toll plan for certain New Jersey residents.