NJ Ban on Self Serve Gas

Letter to the Editor Bergen Record

We remember our parents telling us that just because everyone else is doing something doesn't mean it is right for us. New Jersey should heed this timeless advice and uphold its ban on self-service gasoline.

At a time when New Jersey's unemployment rate is still above the national average and job recovery lags behind the rest of the country, I am shocked that we would do anything to reduce jobs. Pumping gas puts food on the table for thousands of residents and their families.

Self-serve gas also makes it more challenging for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities to be active members of our communities. We should be promoting access, not increasing barriers.

Finally, I caution against the idea that self-serve will reduce gas prices. Other states have thought that, only to find the cost quickly rises again.

As summer brings visitors to the Jersey Shore, we should not take away the travel luxury that makes our state unique. I urge my colleagues in the Legislature to oppose any move toward self-service gas stations.

Valerie Vainieri Huttle

Englewood, May 18

The writer, a Democrat, represents the 37th District in the Assembly.